Beale, Alfred Frederic Fleming 13.jul.1876-16.feb.1948 USA Kansas, Troy - Idaho, Caldwell
pianist, organist, 1900 studied theory with Jessie L Gaynor and Adolf Weidig in Chicago, organ with Wilhelm Middelschulte in Chicago, accompanist for Glenn Hall, Albert G Janpolski and George Hamlin on tours, organist of Old Unity Church St Joseph Missouri, 1908-1911 director of the piano department at the Universtity of Washington in Seattle, 1910 organist in Seattle, 1918 director of music at the College of Idaho in Caldwell, 1918 organist/choirmaster of the First Methodist Church in Caldwell, 1930 music teacher in Caldwell ; son of farmer Alfred W Beale (Indiana, Cass County 5.mar.1845-19.mar.1927 Caldwell) and Viola Athenissa Cash (Illinois, Selby 23.jan.1858-24.jul.1937 Caldwell) ; 1900 in Seattle he married soprano and music teacher Mary Elizabeth Meyer (Missouri, St Joseph 28.sep.1884-22.dec.1947 Caldwell)

Title Parts

[] Dance-Caprice. Orchestra. 1910
[] Psalm XIV. Chorus, organ, piano, trumpets and cymbals
[] God of the open air. Cantata
[] A shepherd's lullaby. Male voices
[] Margaret. Song
[] Dream yet awhile with me. Song
[] Lowest trees have tops. Song
[] The magic wheel. Operetta
[] Fatima and poor Richard. Operetta
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