Beale, John 12.oct.1791-1833[1839] England, London - ?, ?
pianist, 31.oct.1791 baptized at St Mary in Reigate as son of John and Jane Beale, studied piano and music with Johann Baptist Cramer in London, 1820 elected member of the Philharmonic Society where he often performed on piano, 1821 an active promotor of the great concert which was given in London to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Mozart, he played a duet for two pianos with Johann Baptist Cramer, 1822 he was appointed piano teacher at the newly established Royal Academy of Music in London, director of music at the Argyle Rooms and private teacher of music in London

Title Parts

[] The kiss dear maid. Canzonet. Song. London 1818
words Lord Byron

[] Rondo on the air "Will great lords and ladies" from Storace's opera The haunted tower. Piano
dedicated to Miss Anne Mac Dougall
pub Published at the Regent's Harmonic Institution, London 1819

[] Rondo on Carafa's air "Fra tante angoscie". Piano. op2
dedicated to Miss Thornhill
pub Published at the Regent's Harmonic Institution, London 1820

[] Crusader's return, a Romance from Ivahoe. Song
dedication: the music composed & inscribed to Miss Willis
pub Published at the Regent's Harmonic Institution, London 1820

[] Russian maiden's song. Song. London 1821
words from Bowring's specimens of Russian poetry

[] Fourtyseven Preludes in the principal major and minor keys for the Piano Forte. London 1827 preludes by 21 composers
[] Complete Guide to the art of playing the German flute. London 1820
[] Lyrical specimens of German and French composers, adapted to English poetry written and selected by L. S. Costello, the music collected and the accompaniment arranged from the scores by John Beale. London 1822
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