Beaton, Isabella (fem) 20.may.1870-19.jan.1929 USA Iowa, Grinnell - Mount Pleasant (bur Grinnell)
pianist, organist, contralto, 1879-1890 graduated from Iowa Conservatory of Music, 1890 graduated from Grinnell Conservatory of Music, 1894-1897 studied composition with Otis Bardwell Boise, piano with Emma Koch in Berlin, 1894-1899 piano with Moritz Moszkowski in Paris, 1897 studied history of music at Berlin University, 1898-1899 violin with Henri Berthelier and voice with Mme. Ziszak in Paris, 1898 teachers certificate Ziska School of Opera and Oratorio in Paris, 1902 PhB and 1903 MA from Western Reserve University, 1882 debuted at Stewarts Hall Grinnell Iowa, 1899-1900 soloist with Nevada Company, Metropolitan Opera House New York and Association Hall Cleveland, 1890-1893 organist of the Congregational Church in Harlan, until 1893 soloist at Iowa College, 1890-1893 taught piano at Harlan Iowa, 1892-1893 piano at Iowa College, 1893-1894 taught at the Conservatory of Music Grinnell, 1894-1897 piano and composition in Berlin, 1897-1899 in Paris, 1899-1910 piano, history, harmony, theory and composition at Cleveland School of Music, 1906-1911 organist/chorister of Kinsman Road Missionary Baptist Church Cleveland, 1910 founder/director of Beaton School of Music Cleveland, 1910-1916 gave 20 piano recitals annually in Cleveland and at Jordan Hall Boston, 1907-1918 residing at 7110 Kinsman Road Cleveland Ohio ; daughter of William Beaton (Canada, St Andrews 10.feb.1829-16.jan.1907 Grinnell) and Loretta M Hubbard (Ohio 1828-1.jan.1887 Grinnell)

Title Parts

[] Scherzo. Orchestra
[] String quartet in a. 1898
[] String quartet in C
[] Piano sonata in g
[] Ave Maria. Alto and orchestra
[] Eve of St Agnes. Cantata
words Keats

[] Anacoana (Enchantment). Opera. Jordan Hall, Boston 1910
[] Scherzo. Orchestra
New York Philharmonic Society under Emil Paur, Cincinnati Symphony under Van der Stucken

[] Romanza. Violin, organ and piano
[] Ten fugues. Piano
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