Becker, Valentin Eduard 20.nov.1814-25.jan.1890 Germany, Wurzburg - Wurzburg
choral conductor, amateur musician, studied law, studied music with Franz Xaver Eisenhofer in Wurzburg, conductor of the Wurzburg Mannergesangvereins, 1833 he became officer of the Wurzburg Gemeindedienst and 1864-1885 was Wurzburg Stadtkammerer ; son of composer Michael Eduard

[Mendel 1870 makes Vincenz Ernst of his initials and gives erroneously born 1833 ; Schuberth 1871 ignores Mendel and gives only the initials and no year of birth ; Pougin 1878 gave eternal fame for this nonexistent composer by bluntly copying Mendel's article]

Title Parts

[] Quintet. Clarinet and string quartet
[] Das kirchlein. Male choir. 1842
[] Frisch ganze compagnie. Male choir. 1846
[] Die bergknappen. Opera. Wurzburg 5apr1838
libretto Korner

[] Das kind der garde. Opera. Wurzburg 21feb1839
libretto G. Ball

[] Der deserteur. Opera. Wurzburg 4jan1855
[] Die konigin von Leon. Opera. Stadttheater, Wurzburg 20mar1885
[] Der unsichtbare. Opera. Stadttheater, Wurzburg 7apr1889
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