Beckwith, Edward George Ambrose bap.11.mar.1795-bur.1.oct.1856 England, Oxford - London Westminster
reverend, 11.mar.1795 baptized at St Aldate in Oxford, chorister at Magdalen College Oxford, 4.may.1814 matriculated at Lincoln College, 1818 BA and 1823 MA from Magdalen College, 1825 minor canon of St Paul's Cathedral London, 1828 also of Westminster Abbey, 1833-1856 on the death of his father succentor of St Paul's Cathedral, 1834 member of the choir 'college of minor canons' at St Paul's, rector of the church of St Michael in Bassishaw near Guildhall, chaplain of Bromley College, 1.oct.1856 buried at Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove in London Southwark ; son of Edward James ; nephew of John II ; 30.nov.1821 at St Alban Wood Street London he married Elizabeth Jane Hanbury (Essex, Leystone 1801-12.jun.1833 London Lambeth) ; 6.feb.1834 at St Matthew in London Brixton he married Helen Anne Turner (London Bloomsbury 1804-6.sep.1875 London Pancras)

Title Parts

[] Communion Service in G
sung at St Paul's Cathedral

[] (title unknown). Chant
in Chants, Sanctuses and Responses to the Commandments, as used at St Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Selected from ancient and modern composers
edited and published in twelve periodical numbers by William Hawes 1830

[] (title unknown). Chant
in A Collection of Chants, Ancient and Modern, in score with an accompaniment for the organ
edited and published by John Goss 1841

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