Becourt, ? 18??-f1786 France, ? - ?, ?
violinist, 1785 at Theatre Beaujolais in Paris, his contradance Carillon national became very popular, Marie Antoinette Queen of France played it on her piano, 1789 the singer Ladre used the tune for a revolutionary song Ah! ca ira which was sung by the insurgents in the streets during the night of the invasion of Versailles 6 October and which was sung by the people until the end of the reign of terror, the tune was also used by the music corps of the armies of the french republic

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[] Le retour du champ de Mars, air du Carillon national. Contradance. 1786
the tune was used in the chanson Ah! ca ira (It will go) 1789, which became a patriotic song of the French Revolution

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