Becquie, Pierre f1780-f1807 France, ? - Toulouse
hornist, bandmaster, ?composer, for 9 years first horn before the revolution (1789-1799) in the regiments of Piedmont infantry and Artois dragons, then bandmaster in several cities of the department Haute-Garonne, then settled as teacher in Toulouse where he had successfully trained military musicians and several teachers of education honored him with their confidence, having lately left the spectacle of this city because he had been attached as a second horn for about nine years, he informed the amateurs of this art that he changed residence to Rue des Tourniers section 4 no.170 and continues giving lessons of vocal music, playing the flute, clarinet and horn, even the airs de chasse as it was formerly performed, because he appealed on his long experience, he soon formed the pupils who had some disposition (all information concerns the years before 1805) ; he married Jeanne Dufau ; sons composers Jean Marie, Charles and Adolphe I ; grandfather of the composers Adolphe II and Gaston

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