Beebe, Chester Herbert 14.dec.1874-22.feb.1952 USA NY, New York Brooklyn - Long Island, Islip
theatre organist, 1896-1897 organist/choirmaster of the First Baptist Church ED in Brooklyn and residing at 390 Monroe Street, 1901 residing at 53 Berkeley Place Brooklyn, 1902-1906 piano teacher at 439 Halsey Street Brooklyn, 1912 director of a theatre organist training school in Brooklyn, 1915 organist and choirmaster of Janes Methodist Episcopal Church Brooklyn, 1907-1920 teacher of music at 272 Halsey Street Brooklyn, 1930 as musician residing in Islip Long Island ; son of printer Horace Hayden Beebe (Brooklyn 7.oct.1849-a1929 Washington DC) and Mary Elizabeth Kirk Malmgren (NY c1842-a1920 Brooklyn) who married 18.may.1870 in Brooklyn ; 1896 in Brooklyn he married Elizabeth A Morris (Brooklyn 1876-10.sep.1961)

Title Parts

[] Stella march. Piano. 1898
dedication American Legion of Honor, Council, Brooklyn NY

[] Staccato etude in double notes. Piano
pub G. Schirmer 1909

[] Beyond the sea, girls' war hymn. 1nov1918
words Rowena Keith Keyes, Arlington New Jersey

[] Come unto me. Anthem. Mixed voices
Lorenz Publishing, Dayton Ohio 1944

[] Morning prelude. Organ
in Preludes for Service 1951. Lorenz Publishing, Dayton Ohio

[] Festival march. Organ
in The Organist Jan.1967. Lorenz Publishing, Dayton Ohio

[] 2 Etudes. Piano
[] March triumphant. Organ
[] Magnificat and nunc dimittis. Choir and organ
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