Beecher, Carl Milton 22.oct.1883-21.nov.1968 USA Illinois Stark, La Fayette - Oregon, Portland
pianist, 1899 graduated from Toulon Academy Stark County, 1904-1908 BM under Arne Oldberg from Northwestern University Evanston Illinois, 1909 he was music teacher at the YMCA Building Evanston, 1909-1913 studied piano with Paul Juon and Joseph Lhevinne in Berlin, 1913 appointed professor at Northwestern University, 17.may.1918 he established Pi Kappa Lambda, 1920 MM from Northwestern University, 1923 head music department, 1924 director School of Music and 1928-1934 dean of Northwestern University Evanston, 1948-1953 taught at the Portland School of Music, 1953-1957 residing at 307 SE 30th Avenue, 22.may.1967 received a honorary degree from Willamette University in Salem Oregon ; son of banker Charles Myron Beecher (NY, Hopkinton 21.feb.1855-28.nov.1946 Portland) and Helen Mae Reeve (NY, Stockholm 20.jul.1858-10.aug.1940 Portland) ; 1920-1936 he lived with his partner professor of geology John Thomas Stark (Tennessee, Jackson 1.sep.1887-10.may.1984 Jackson) at 749 Sherman Avenue and at 900 Greenwood Boulevard Evanston, 1934 Carl moved to Tahiti, 1936 John followed him and they started a coconut and vanilla plantation, John married a Tahitian who divorced him by 1944 ; 15.apr.1936 in Papeete Tahiti Carl married Ahuura Vahapata (Moorea, Teavaro 20.jun.1920-27.feb.1972 Tahiti, Papeete) ; daughters Louise R (Tahiti 11.feb.1937-10.jan.1988 Portland) and Helen Poura (Tahiti 8.mar.1941-)

[Pierre Keys 1931, Baker 1940 and all other dictionaries give erroneously born Lafayette Indiana]
[his marriage is also recorded as 7.mar.1941 which seems to be a confusion with the birth of Helen ; his death is also erroneously recorded as 22.sep.1958 Papeete Tahiti]

Title Parts

[] Trig cremation "The afflictions of the Rev. Mr. Trig". Musical play. Fisk Hall, Evanston 29may1903
libretto Shelby M. Harrison and Christopher L. Armstrong

[] 2 Piano pieces. Piano. 1908
[] Waltz in D. Piano
pub Clayton F. Summy Co., Chicago 1908

[] Scherzando "I stood tiptoe upon a little hill". Piano
pub Clayton F. Summy Co., Chicago 1908

[] Northwestern songs
music with Albert B. Green
pub Rogers & Owens Co., Dixon, Illinois 1909

[] 7 Fantasy pieces. Piano. 1913
[] Piano trio. Piano, violin and cello. 1915
[] Cello suite. 1916
[] The jester. 2 Pianos. 1919
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1923

[] How do I love thee? Medium voice and piano
words Elizabeth Barrett Browning
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1921

[] 5 Songs. 1922-1924
[] Thistledown. Song
words Helen Coale Crew
pub G. Ricordi, New York 1923

[] Above the clouds. Song
words Helen Coale Crew
pub G. Ricordi, New York 1923

[] Suite for 2 pianos. 1924
[] 4 Preludes. Piano. 1927
[] Piano concerto
[] String trio
[] Remembrances of times past. Suite. Piano
[] 9 Musical profiles. Piano
[] 5 Aquatints. Piano
[] Valse. Piano
[] Fantasiestucke. Suite fur klavier. op4 no.2, 4, 5
pub Schlesinger, Berlin

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