Beecroft, George Andus Beaumont 21.jul.1844-3.jun.1873 England Yorkshire, Kirkstall near Leeds - London St Pancras
amateur composer, 1850 as only child residing with his parents and four servants at Abbey House in Headingley near Leeds, 1860 residing with his parents (his father was Member of Parliament for Leeds), two servants and butler at Gloucester Terrace in London St Pancras, 1867 BM, 1868 BA and 1872 MA from Oxford University, he contributed to The Choir and other musical journals, 1870-1873 residing with his widowed mother, cook and lady's maid at 4 Gloucester Terrace in Regent's Park ; son of iron master/MP George Skirrow Beecroft (Leeds Horsforth 16.nov.1809-18.mar.1869 London St Pancras) and Mary Isabella Beaumont (Halifax 19.dec.1816-) ; he never married

Title Parts

[] Magnificat and Nunc dimittis
[] Turn Thy face from my sins. Anthem
[] The arrow and the song. Voice and piano
words Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] Minuet and trio for pianoforte 4-hand
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] Three casts from the antique for pianoforte
pub Weekes & Co., London
[] 1 - Allegro
[] 2 - Sarabande
[] 3 - Gigue
[] Azina. Valse
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] I said to my love
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] Life's seasons
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] Morn calleth fondly
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] My Secret
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] L'Ode d'un amina pentita
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] O my love's like a red, red rose. SST Voices
pub (Weekes Series of Glees Part-Songs etc. 4) Weekes & Co., London

[] Two Sketches. Piano
pub Weekes & Co., London

[] Sweet falls the eye. Quartet SATB
pub (Weekes Series of Glees Part-Songs etc. 5) Weekes & Co., London

[] The good shepherd. Sacred song
words adapted from Psalm XXXIII by Joseph Addison
pub Weekes & Co., London 1871

[] The word and the look. Song
words Matthias Barr Musical
pub Weekes & Co., London 1872

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