Beerman, Burton 12.jun.1943- USA Georgia, Atlanta
clarinetist, 1966 BM with John Boda and Harold Schiffman from Florida State University, 1968 MM and 1971 DM with Ross Lee Finney, Leslie Bassett, George B Wilson, George Cacioppo and Eugene Kurtz from the University of Michigan, 1968 finalist in the Gaudeamus International Festival Netherlands, 1970 first prize in the Pittsburgh Flute Club composition contest, 1970 professor at Bowling Green State University, director of the Electronic Music Studio and associate director of the New Music Ensemble, 1976 residing at 10 Springhill and 1983 at 713 Champagne Avenue Bowling Green Ohio

Title Parts

[] Mass. Tenor, flute, harp and tape. 1968
[] Frame. 6 Flutes. 1970
[] Improvisations. Dancers, actors and various instruments. 1970
[] Four in six. String quartet. 1976
[] Concerto I for alto saxophone and taped instr. 1980
[] Night calls. Clarinet, dance and tape. 1982
[] Secret gardens. Ensemble. 1983
[] Romance. Piano and tape. 1983
[] Evening songs. Clarinet
[] Mixtures. 2 Voices, flute, clarinet, horn, violin and tape
[] Impressions of birth. 16 Solo voices, percussion and 2 pianos
[] Sensations. Clarinet and tape
[] Misogamy. String quartet and tape
[] Polygraph II. Piano, live electronic processing and visuals
[] "C". Organ, dancer, percussion, live electronics and visuals
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