Beery, William 8.apr.1852-28.jan.1956 USA Ohio Hocking County, Bremen - Illinois, Elgin
professor of music, hymnologist, 1864 aged 12 attended and aged 15 leading the singing school, 1878-1882 BE in English from Brethrens Normal College (Juniata College) in Huntingdon Pennsylvania, attended summer music schools under N Coe Stewart of Cleveland Ohio and S W Straub of Chicago, studied with John Cook Ewing, 1875-1877 he was farmer in Illinois, 1877 country school teacher in Bremen Ohio, 1878-1885 and 1889-1910 professor of vocal music at Juniata College in Huntingdon, 1885-1889 teacher and director singing schools in Ohio, 1889-1891 music teacher public schools in Huntingdon, 1910-1914 in charge of a bookstore, 1914-1931 proofreader for Brethren Publishing House in Elgin, 1932-1942 assistant at Dr. Alvin F Brightbill music institutes, traveling by automobile throughout his 80's, 1935-1953 participant of Camp Mack in Milford Indiana, music teacher School of Maturates in Elgin for 3 years, 1955 on his 103rd birthday he performed on the Chicago TV station WLS, lifelong deacon of the Church of the Brethren, song leader for General Music Company ; son of farmer Daniel Beery (Ohio, Fairfield 29.jan.1812-7.nov.1891 Ohio, Marion) and Fanny Good (Ohio, Fairfield 21.dec.1816-28.jan.1892 Ohio, Marion) ; 20.jun.1888 in Morris Illinois he married hymnwriter Adaline Hohf (Pennsylvania, Hanover 20.dec.1859-24.feb.1929 Elgin) ; their son is composer Leon Felix Beery

Title Parts

[] Hymn tune Cherwell
sung to the hymn When languor and disease invade
in The Brethren's Hymnal, Quinter & Brumbaugh Brothers, Huntingdon 1879

[] Take my hand and lead me, Father. Hymn. Voice and piano. 1889
words Gertrude A. Flory (1862-5jul1930) "Sowing and reaping" 1889
tune name Huntingdon (since 1951)
no.601 in the Brethren hymnal A Worship Book

[] Lo, a gleam from yonder heaven. Hymn. 1896
words by his wife Adaline Hohf Beery
in the Brethren Hymnal 1901

[] Hymn tune Berne. 1929
sung to the hymn My God, the spring of all my joys
words Isaac Watts (1674-1748)
no.260 in The New Christian Hymnal

[] (title unknown). Hymn
sung by the choir and congregation of 5000 directed by Beely at the Annual Conference in Hershey Pennsylvania 1933 and in Ames Iowa 1934

[] Hymn tune John Naas. 1944
sung to the hymn Savior of my soul
words brother Johannes (John) Naas (came to America in 1729 and settled at Germantown)
in The Brethren Hymnal 1951, copyright Church of the Brethren General Board 1951

[] Brethren hymns and songs, a selection of new music and words by Brethren authors and composers. 17 Hymns
compiled by the Music and Worship Commission, Board of Christian Education, Church of the Brethren
publisher Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois 1944
[] 1 - Invocation hymn. words Ruth B. Statler, music William Beery
[] 2 - Thanksgiving. William Beery
[] 3 - Worship. Perry L. Huffaker, Frank Slutz
[] 4 - Intercession. Russell G. West, Nevin W. Fisher
[] 5 - Lead us, o father. William Henry Burleigh, J. Henry Showalter
[] 6 - Love of God, eternal love. words Mary Stoner Wine, music William Beery
[] 7 - Jesus, thou joy of loving hearts. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Nevin W. Fisher
[] 8 - More like thee. William Beery
[] 9 - Consecration. Paul Kline, Perry L. Huffaker
[] 10 - Crossing the bar. Perry L. Huffaker
[] 11 - Hear our prayer, oh Jehovah. B. S. Haugh
[] 12 - Our gifts. B. S. Haugh
[] 13 - Oh God, our father. B. S. Haugh
[] 14 - The hope of tomorrow. Perry L. Huffaker
[] 15 - The eternal word. Donald Frederick
[] 16 - Invocation hymn. words Ruth B. Statler, music William Beery
[] 17 - Invocation hymn. words Ruth B. Statler, music William Beery
compilation: Gospel chimes, a collection of new and standard songs and hymns for Sunday schools and religious meetings. Hymns, with music, shape-note notation
publisher Brethren's Publishing Co., Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 1889

writing: Singing in the Sunday school
publisher General Sunday School Board, Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Illinois 1919

writing: Stories about hymns
selected and compiled by William Beery by request of General Sunday school board
publisher Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois 1921

writing: History and message of hymns
authors Margueritte Bixler Garrett and William Beery
publisher Elgin Press, Elgin, Illinois 1924

writing: Brethren hymns, hymnals, authors and composers, a study in our literary and musical heritage
publisher Board of Christian Education, Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Illinois c1925

writing: John Cook Ewing (1849-1937), pioneer Brethren musician, teacher and composer
author William Beery, editor Peter E. Roussakis
publisher Meetinghouse Press, Kokomo, Indiana 2010

writing: Beery family history
author William Beery, published by Judith Beery Garber
printed by the Brethren Publising House, Elgin, Illinois 1957

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