Beghon, Jean Baptiste 16.jun.1886-28.jun.1964 Belgium, Mons-lez-Liege - USA Pennsylvania, Hamburg
pianist, conductor, 1906 graduated from Brussel Conservatory, 1907 teacher piano, voice and violin in Tongeren, conductor of the Liege Opera, 1921 director for Gaumont of Paris in Antwerpen, toured England, Ireland and Scotland as pianist and Europe as conductor at opera houses, 3.feb.1922 he left his wife and 4 children in Belgium and emigrated to the USA immediately applying for naturalization, 1922 editor for Carl Fischer, Irving Berlin and Kalmus in New York, conductor for radio WABC and of the Capitol Studio Orchestra in New York, 1925-1929 as musician residing in Reading Pennsylvania, 15.feb.1929 he applied again for naturalization while he was still married in Belgium, 1930 conductor/composer for Pathe Studios in Los Angeles boarding with composer Milan E Roder, 1935-1942 private teacher violin, piano and voice and at Hamburg High School, leader of the McAdoo American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps, 1954 arranger for the Little Flower Drum Corps of Baltimore Maryland ; 18.feb.1929 in Ensanda Mexico he married his student singer Emilie Dorothea Confer (Pennsylvania, Hamburg 25.feb.1895-19.aug.1985 Hamburg) while he was still married in Belgium to Juliette (Belgium 22.aug.1877-) with whom he had 4 children: Albert (Belgium 10.jan.1908-), Jean (Belgium 25.dec.1908-), Gabrielle (Belgium 15.feb.1911-) and George (Belgium 15.apr.1913-)

Title Parts

[] Serenade galante
pub Maurice Baron, New York c1925

[] Idylle printaniere. Piano
pub Maurice Baron, New York 1925

[] Prelude in c. Piano
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1925
arr for band Chas. J. Roberts 1979

[] Sleeping Beauty. Piano
arr for band Chas. J. Roberts
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1925

[] Scherzo misterioso. Piano
arr for band James C. McCabe
pub Maurice Baron, New York c1928

[] Far East. Song
pub Maurice Baron, New York 1928

[] Gruesome suspense
pub Irving Berlin Standard Music Corp., New York 1928

[] Ecce homo. Organ. p1940
in Annus Ecclesiasticus. Organ compositions for the church year

[] Danse erotique. Piano
pub Theodore Presser, Philadelphia 1943

[] Around the country church. Pastorale
[] Graceful gliders. p1944
[] Missa Regina assumpta. Mixed choir
pub J. Fischer & Bro. 1954

[] Blow, blow, thou winter wind
[] The wandering jew. Film score. 1933
music with Milan Roder

[] The cowboy and the kid. Film score. 1936
[] Darkest Africa. Film score. 1936
[] Sunset of power. Film score. 1936
[] Dick Tracy. Film score. 1937
[] Dangerous journey. Film score
music with Milan Roder

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