Behr, Charles Henry Frederick 19.jul.1867-bur.15.oct.1928 England Hampshire, Portsea Island Southsea - London Wandsworth
organist, born at 1 Cottage Grove in Southsea, shortly after residing at 88 St James Road in Portsea, organist of St Bartholomew and Elm Grove Chapel in Southsea Hampshire, 1889-1895 teacher of music at 29 St Andrew's Road in Southsea, 1901 with wife and son living at the home of his parents-in-law in Portsmouth, 1910 without profession living on private means at 57 Marmion Road in Southsea, buried at Morden Parish Surrey ; son of professor of music, languages and sciences Heinrich (Henry) Friedrich Christian Behr 'Herr Behr' (Germany, Hannover 1840-28.oct.1899 Portsmouth) and Susanne Simmonds (Surrey, Farnham 24.apr.1842-) ; 1900 in Portsea he married Ellen Harriette Duthy (Southampton 15,jun.1875-1975 Portsmouth) ; son commander Rudolph Ivan Christian (Portsmouth 13.mar.1901-29.nov.1942 at sea)

Title Parts

[] Grand offertory on Parsifal. Organ. c1887
[] Farewell if ever fondest prayer. Song
words Lord Byron (1788-1824)
pub E. Donajowski, London 1890

[] The old bell buoy. Song
words A. Byng
pub The Author, Southsea 1890

[] Military grand march. Organ. c1891
[] Sweet Norah Avourneen. Song, with violoncello accompaniment ad lib.
words J. H. Shortle
pub Hutchings & Romer, London 1904

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