Belanger, Joseph Oliva 29.jan.1880-2.may.1935 Canada Quebec, Sherbrooke - USA Maine, Lewiston
organist, pianist, choirmaster, studied at St Charles Seminary in Sherbrooke, studied organ with Florence Wells, singing with Alex Clerk in Montreal, harmony and composition with Alfred Wooler in Buffalo, licenciate of the Dominion College of Music in Montreal, saxophonist of the Harmony Band of Sherbrooke, 1909 emigrated to the USA, 1919 naturalized American, 1912-1930 organist/choirmaster of St Mary's Church in Lewiston, honorary member of L'Orpheon in Lewiston, 1917-1928 residing at 124 Lincoln Street Lewiston, 1930 at 32 Oxford Street Lewiston ; son of Georges Belanger (Quebec, Charlesbourg 22.jul.1841-13.apr.1906 Sherbrooke) and Celanire Baillargeon (Quebec City) ; 7.oct.1909 in Saint Alexandre he married soprano Corinne Lapointe (Quebec, Saint Alexandre 23.apr.1881-16.may.1946 Lewiston) ; father of composer Charles Eugene Belanger

Title Parts

[] Grande fantasie de concert. Piano
[] La jongleuse. Waltz. Piano
[] March des seminaristes. Piano
[] O salutaris. Soprano
dedicated to his wife, soprano Corinne Lapointe

[] Tantum ergo in D flat. Bass and quartet
[] Tantum ergo in B flat. Alto and choir
[] Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin
[] Mass in B flat
[] Valse caprice in G flat. Piano
[] Reine. March. Piano
dedication to his daughter Reine

[] Corinne. Waltz. Piano
dedication to his wife Corinne

[] Paul Emile. Waltz. Piano
dedication to his son Paul Emile

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