Belasco, Leon (ne Berladsky, Leonid Simeonovich) 11.oct.1902-1.jun.1988 Ukraine, Odessa - USA California, Orange
violinist, later film actor, jewish, studied at St Joseph College in Yokohama Japan, studied violin and music in Japan and Manchuria, several years first violinist with the Tokyo Symphony, 26.sep.1921 emigrated from Yokohama to the USA San Francisco, played violin and formed his own band mainly performing in hotels in Los Angeles and jul.1922-sep.1923 in Honolulu Hawaii, 4.may.1927 in Los Angeles became naturalized American, 1927 officially changed his name to Leon Belasky, 1930-1931 performed as Leon Belasky in Paris nightclubs with Emil Petti, Kenneth Binford, Nathan Zimberoff and the totally unknown musicians David Brubeck, Morton Rabman, Donald Elton, William Kelner, Daniel Harrington, Jack Pattis, Barney Kimmelman, Benjamin Chaney, Pat Harrington, Theodore Mains, Harry Smolin, Rudolf Fritsch, Ames Barton and Joseph Dale, 1938 started his career as film actor under the name Leon Belasco ; son of pianist Seraphina Berladsky (Odessa 1880- / 1930-1940 residing at 9 rue du Square Carpeux Paris / 1940-1945 residing with her son Jacques at 126 West 73rd Street New York) ; brother of Jacques Belasco (Jacob Berladsky)

Title Parts

[] When romance calls, remember me
words Archie Gottler, music Leon Belasco
pub DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc., 5nov1931

[] Oop-la hoop-la
words Walter G. Samuels and Charles Newman, music Leon Belasco
words copyrighted by Walter G. Samuels 15jul1938

[] It's a date. Song
words and music Leon Belasco, Jacques Press and Eddie Cherkose
pub Universal Music 27mar1940
used in the film Rhythm of the islands (Oom-ta-hee-ta-oh-ka) 1940

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