Bell, Frank Leslie 19.feb.1894-12.nov.1969 England Surrey, Sutton - Richmond
probably an amateur musician and composer, 22.apr.1894 baptized at St Nicholas in Sutton while residing at 42 Hadda Road, 1901 he was patient at St Thomas Hospital in Lambeth, 1911 as clerk Wheelwright Office residing with his parents at Onslow Dwellings on Fulham Road, Pond Place Chelsea, 1917 as clerk residing at 54 Bramber Road in London Fulham ; son of butler/valet Thomas James Bell (Northampton 1861-) and Harriett Jane M Bell (Dorset, Sherborne 1860-) ; 7.apr.1917 at St Andrew in London Fulham he married Alice Maud Gates (London Chelsea 1893-)

Title Parts

[] Triumphal march. Organ
pub Novello and Co., London. 1914

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