Bell, Gertrude Della Willis (fem) 21.dec.1915-11.nov.1994 USA Vermont, Sunderland - Manchester Center
pianist, accordionist, guitarist, educated at Arlington Schools, self-taught in music, in her early years played in small bands, composer bicentennial area music ; daughter of fireman Thomas Thornton Willis (NC, Charlotte 15.jun.1881-8.jan.1974 Vermont, Rutland) and Ellen Ida Brockway (Vermont, Dorset 28.oct.1888-24.sep.1952 Vermont, Bennington) ; 10.mar.1938 in Manchester she married caretaker Herbert Willard Bell (Manchester 10.apr.1913-25.oct.1994 Bennington)

Title Parts

[] This is your country, this is my country. Song
[] Songs of faith, love and country
[] Have you. Song
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