Bell, Hugh Poynter 9.apr.1872-28.jan.1961 England, London Kew - Canada, Montreal
critic, chemist by profession, 15.may.1872 baptized at St Anne in Kew, received his first musical education from his mother Clara, studied chemistry including music at Clare College Cambridge, studied in Kiel and Bonn Germany, 1911 still single as chemist residing with his brother author Malcolm Henry Bell and 4 servants at 139 Gloucester Road in London Kensington which was the property of his mother, 1912 emigrated to Canada (why did he abandon his luxury life), 1923-1949 music critic for the Montreal Daily Star ; son of Bank of England registrar Robert Courtenay Bell (India, Madras 21.nov.1816-10.aug.1896 Henley on Thames) and Clara Poynter (London Westminster 1834-16.jan.1927 Westminster)

Title Parts

[] Sonata. Violin and piano. 1946
[] Love's philosophy. Voice and piano
poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley
pub BMI Canada, Toronto 1948

[] 8 Interludes. Piano. c1950
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