Bellamann, Henry (Heinrich) Hauer (ne Bellaman, Henry) 28.apr.1882-16.jun.1945 USA Missouri, Fulton - NY, New York Manhattan
pianist, organist, poet, novelist, although born as Henry Bellaman he consistently used the german form Bellamann and usually Henry but also Heinrich, 1897-1898 studied at Westminster College in Fulton, 1898-1900 at the University of Denver, studied piano with Isidor Philipp in Paris, organ and composition with Charles Marie Widor in Paris, 1907 studied in London England, 1907-1924 dean of Chicora College for Women in Columbia South Carolina, 1910-1923 president of the South Carolina Association of Music Teachers, 1917-1920 residing at 1522 Blanding Street Columbia, 1924-1926 chairman examining board of the Juilliard Musical Foundation, 1924 made Officer of Public Instruction in France, 1926 MD from DePauw University in Greencastle Indiana, 1927-1928 chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation, 1928-1929 professor of music at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie New York, 1931 made chevalier de Legion d'Honneur in France, 1931-1932 dean of the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, contributor to the Musical Courier, 1925-1939 residing at 200 West 57th Street New York, 1942 at Hotel Ansonia Broadway ; descendant of the music scholars and composers Konstantin Bellermann (1696-1758), Johann Joachim Bellermann (1754-1842), Johann Friedrich Bellermann (1795-1874) and Heinrich Bellermann (1832-1903) ; grandson of William Belleman (Pennsylvania, Reading 1832-) and Sarah (Pennsylvania, Fredericksburg 1837-) ; son of house painter George Henry Bellaman (Pennsylvania, Annville 17.dec.1859-7.feb.1921 Fulton) and probably illegitimate of Caroline Krahenbuhl (Pennsylvania), stepson of Caroline Hauer (Pennsylvania, Lebanon 21.feb.1862-21.jun.1942 Fulton) married 2.apr.1889 in Fulton ; 3.sep.1907 in London he married soprano Katherine McKee Jones (Mississippi, Carthage 7.oct.1877-8.nov.1956 Mississippi, Jackson)

[rem: the given pedigree is not verifyable with certainty and not in accordance with the fact that he suffered prejudice because of his german ancestry and also inconsistent with Saerchinger 1918 who gives the name of his father as Georg Heinrich Bellamann which suggests being a german]

Title Parts

[] Piano concerto
[] Piano sonata
[] Piano quintet
[] Violin sonata
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