Bellemant (Bellement), Victor 18.feb.1845-2.oct.1870 France Somme, Roye - Paris 15th arr
organist, born as one of a twin with Victor Eugene who died one day after birth, 1861-1863 studied at the Ecole de Musique Religieuse Louis Niedermeyer in Paris on a scholarship of the bishop of Amiens, 1862 2e prix piano, 1863 2e prix organ, he died at a hospital Rue Violet 36 in Paris after having been wounded in military action as soldier in the 52e Regiment de Guerre Mobile Departement de la Saone ; son of mason Parfait Florentin Bellemant (1816-) and Alexandrine Virginie Connelis (1816-)

Title Parts

[] Entree. Organ
in Journal des Organistes 1869

[] Communion. Organ
in Journal des Organistes 1876

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