Bellerive, Antoine Louis 4.jan.1822-f1853 France, Arras - ?, ?
chef d'orchestre, theatre conductor, 18.dec.1847 he conducted the comic opera Le Chalet by Adolphe Adam at the Belleville Theatre in Paris Belleville: "our first praise is due straight to Mr. Louis Bellerive, conductor, for the skilful manner in which he managed his small army, which had but one repetition to prepare for this combat. It is a real tour de force and which does the greatest honor to this young artist who announces a bright future", later active in Italy and Austria ; son of maitre de musique Hubert Vivian Bellerive (Chalon-sur-Marne 8.dec.1794-) and artiste dramatique Marie Elisabeth Emilie Lequien (Somme, Amiens 13.oct.1791-) who married 18.feb.1823 in Arras

Title Parts

[] Panore mere. Romance avec clavecin
ms Musikfreunde Wien, Austria

[] Pauvre mere "Aupres d'un pauvre presbytere". Romance pour chant avec accompagnement de piano
chantee par monsieur Prioleau, tenore
words and music Louis Bellevere
pub Chez Francois Lucca, Milan 1853
ms Bibliotheque nationale de France (BnF), Paris
ms Conservatorio di musica Giuseppe Verdi, Milan

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