Belliard, Louis Dominique Joseph 1.jan.1755-25.jan.1836 France Nord, Merville (Meregem) - Dunkerque
bass singer, choirmaster, professor of music, 1774-1785 singer and 1786-1793 choirmaster of Eglise Saint-Eloi in Dunkerque, 14.may.1790 it was decided that his salary would be increased by three hundred livres a year under the condition that all the music that he had procured since he is in office will belong to the church and that he will increase the collection every year at his expense at least with a mass and a motet a grande symphonie of the best masters, from 1794 he made a living as music teacher in Dunkerque, 1809-1830 residing at 71 rue des Vieux Remparts in Dunkerque, he died at his home 24 rue du Moulin in Dunkerque ; son of choirmaster Jean Baptiste Belliard (Amiens c1709-4.apr.1765 Merville) and Marie Strymersch ; 22.apr.1789 in Wormhout he married Marie Cecile Joseph Caignet (Merville 1.may.1758-26.dec.1829 Dunkerque) ; son organist/professor of piano Joseph Hippolyte (Dunkerque 10.jun.1799-5.feb.1859 Dunkerque)

Title Parts

[] Litaniae Beatae Mariae virginis. Mixed choir, strings and bc
ms ascribed Belliard ex Merville
ms Bibliotheque Royale Abert I, Brussel Belgium

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