Belloni (Bellony), Mme (fem) f1887-f1901 Italy or France, ? - France, ?Nancy
singer, 5.jul.1887 she appeared as singer at Concert du Cadran in Paris, 25.jan.1888 sang in the Boum-Boum-Revue at La Cigale in Paris, 1889-1890 she was engaged as singer at the Ba-ta-clan in Paris, 10.feb.1890 she gave a concours at Salon des Familles at 40 Avenue de Saint-Mande in Paris, 1891 she was engaged as star singer at l'Eldorado in Nancy, 1.sep.1891 she sang at the Eden Theatre in Nancy, 14.nov.1891 she gave a performance at Casino des Familles in Nancy, 20.may.1894 in Nancy at Chardon qui Pique: 'divers monologues, romances (notons celles de Mme Bellony), chansonnettes et un grand nombre de morceaux de piano, avaient ete entendus' ('various monologues, romances (note those of Mme Bellony), songs and a large number of piano pieces, had been heard'), 1896 Mme Bellony opened a cabaret under the name of Chardon qui Picque, among the boarders was the chansonnier Lucas Strofe, 1.may.1898 the humoristic journal Le Chardon was renamed Tablettes du Chardon and appeared with a portrait of the director Mme Bellony, 1898 Chardon qui Picque had moved to 1bis Rue d'Amerval and was directed by Esch-Bellony and Mme Bellony the well-known artist of the Parisians who has made the whole province run, is heard several times each evening, 1900 Chardon qui Picque had moved to Rue Stanislas, 9.feb.1901 she demanded autorisation from the municipality to employ a new singer which was refused to protect the peace in the neighborhood ; 1896 her name was given with her married name Grand-Bellony

[ ? related to, or the same as Mme Belloni I ]

Title Parts

[] Il est ne ma charmante amie. Chansonnette
paroles de ***
music Mme Belloni - ? Mme Belloni I or Mme Belloni II
pub L'auteur, Paris

[] Le Carnaval de Venise. 2 Sopranos
music Belloni - most likely Mme Belloni I or Mme Belloni II
pub Benoit, Paris

if Mme Belloni I and Mme Belloni II are different persons than the following compositions are certainly by Mme Belloni II
[] Le petit chien perdu
Mme Bellony obtained a great success in this new one, which will be interpreted shortly by Mlle Dufay in the Alcazar-d'Ete, Paris 1887

[] "le grand air des Noces de Figaro par Mme Bellony, l'andante et les variations du 4e quatuor en re mineur, le grand air d'herodiade par Mme Bellony. Succes magnifique pour la cantatrice et pour l'orchestre dirige par M. Arthur Steck". Monte Carlo 27jan1894
[rem: unclear which of the three works mentioned are compositions by Mme Bellony]

[] Introduction et air du Tasse, la scene dramatique de Vincent d'Indy
music Mme Grand-Bellony
performed at the deuxieme concert international, uniquement consacre aux oeuvres de l'Ecole italienne. Monte Carlo 24jan1896

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