Belogradsky, Timofey c1712-a1767 Ukraine, ?Cherkasy (not Cherkessia Caucasus) - ?St Petersburg
lutenist, singer, 1733 studied lute with Sylvius Leopold Weiss in Dresden and voice with Faustina Hasse and Domenico Annibali, 1739 lutenist to tsarina Anna Ivanovna at the court in St Petersburg, 1741 concertized in Germany Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad) and Dresden and spent some time in the service of the Reichsgrave Heinrich von Bruhl, 1748 at the court of tsarina Elizaveta Petrovna in St Petersburg ; uncle of Elisabeth Belogradsky

[corrupted ukrainian dialect and german spellings: Timofiy Bilohradsky, Beligradsky, Bellagradsky, Bellagradzki]

Title Parts

[] (titles unknown). Lute songs on words by Aleksandr Sumarokov
[] Andante. Lute
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