Bement, Gwynn Smith 17.dec.1895-nov.1965 USA NY, Wellsburg - New York City
pianist, organist, arranger, 1914 graduated from Elmira Free Academy, 1921-1923 studied composition with James Quarles at Cornell University, 1924-1925 with Selim Palmgren at the Eastman School of Music, 1929 with Hugo Leichtentritt at the Staatliche Akademische Hochschule fur Musik in Berlin, 1930 studied conducting with Felix Weingartner at the Musikschule und Konservatorium in Basel Switzerland, 1911 studied organ with William Morvan and 1912-1915 with George M McKnight, 1915-1927 organist/choirmaster of Lake Street Presbyterian Church in Elmira, 1927-1936 of Park Congregational Church in Elmira, 1931 teacher and 1936 head music department of Elmira College, 1931-1940 conductor of the Elmira College Glee Club ; son of salesman Lee M Bement (Michigan, Leroy 14.oct.1860-1937 Wellsburg) and Emma Griswold (Maryland 23.jun.1873-1.apr.1966 Wellsburg) ; 6.sep.1933 he married and 1941 divorced Elizabeth 'Lebbie' Pound (1911-)

Title Parts

[] Symphony no1
[] Sleep, thou my jewel. Choir
[] Tribulation. Cantata. 1918
words William Ball

[] The winter it is past. Old Irish melody. Female choir 3vv
pub J. Fischer & Bro 1943

[] The lark in the moon. Somerset folk song. Female choir 3vv
accompaniment by C. J. Sharp
pub J. Fischer & Bro 1943

[] Jesus, Jesus, rest your head. Appalachian Carol. Soprano and female choir 3vv
composed with J. J. Niles
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1945

[] Anglican communion service
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