Ben Chaim (Ben Haim), Ephraim 1895-1981 Ukraine, ? - Israel, kibbutz Kiryat Anavim
violinist, choirboy in a Synagogue choir, learned to play the violin from a klezmer musician, he abandoned music and became apothecary, 1921 emigrated to Israel and settled at kibbutz Kityat Anavim, 1932 he took up the violin again, the kibbutz gave him money to take 20 hours of study in Jerusalem, he also took some hours of study with Paul Ben Haim and Alexander Boscovich, 1933 he was able to compose songs and dance melodies, c1935 studied music with Stefan Wolpe, 1965 as composer member of the society for performing rights ACUM in Israel

Title Parts

[] Hakatzir
words by Dov

[] Kiryat Anavim
words from the Bible

[] Tu beav
words Leah Goldberg, Tchernichovsky, Anda Amir..

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