Benas, Bertram Benjamin Baron 25.jul.1880-8.dec.1968 England, Liverpool - Liverpool
jewish jurist, barrister by profession, born at 1 West Road Albert Park (now West Albert Road), 1881 raised by his grandparents and his father because his mother filed for divorce only months after his birth, studied music with V V Akeroyd and Stanley Dale at Liverpool College and the University of Liverpool graduating with a BA degree, president University of Liverpool Musical Society, chairman St George's Hall Organ Club, adjucator Jewish Chronicle Musical Festival, 1931 president Liverpool Jewish Musical Society, committee member Merseyside Symphony Orchestra, 1926-1937 residing at 13 Harrington Street in Liverpool, 1936-1938 chairman Liverpool Music Guild, 1942-1968 residing at 14 Cook Street in Liverpool, at time of death residing at 10 Ullet Road in Liverpool ; grandson of banker Louis Benas (Germany, Posen 1819-27.apr.1890 Liverpool) and Rose Lichtenstadt (Germany, Posen 1820-1907 Liverpool) ; son of stockbroker/justice of the peace Baron Louis Benas (London 1844-3.feb.1914 Liverpool) and Amalia Sophia Schloss (Frankfurt am Main 5.jun.1858-1890 Liverpool) who married 1879 and divorced 4.may.1881

Title Parts

[] Hatikvah. A song of hope. (Israel National Anthem). Orchestra
words hebrew Naphtali Herz Imber, english Nina Salaman, arrangement Bertram Benas
also arranged for piano, voice, choir, brass band by Bertram Benas
pub R. Mazin & Co., London 1916 and 1921

[] Yigdal. Orchestra
arrangement of a liturgical hebrew melody
pub R. Mazin & Co., London b1934

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