Bender, Erich 5.may.1913-13.nov.2002 Germany, Frankfurt am Main - Hamburg
choral conductor, 1931-1933 studied music at the Hoch'schen Konservatorium in Frankfurt am Main, 1932-1934 at Berlin University, 1934-1938 at the Akademie fur Kirchen- und Schulmusik, 1945 he founded Kinderchor des NDR (Hamburg) which became known throughout Germany, 1969 the NDR canceled the choir in response to a court case in which Bender was accused of indecent contacts with minor choir members, 1972 publisher with Musikverlag Hans Sikorski in Hamburg

Title Parts

[] Symphonischer tanz I. Orchestra. 1946
[] Symphonischer tanz II. Orchestra. 1946
[] Ein Wiesentag. Symphonic poem. 1949
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