Bendinelli, padre Agostino 26.apr.1635-a1702 Italy, Lucca - Lucca
choirmaster, priest

Title Parts

[] Psalmi vespertini 3-5vv ad organum, concinendi una cum litaniis Beatissima Vergine Maria. Bologna 1671. op1
[] Voi che di ben compar. Canon. Soprano, alto, tenor and bass
composed in honor of G. M. Bononcini
ms written by Johann Georg Albrechtsberger (1736-1809)
ms Basel Switzerland

[] Canons. 4 Instruments
composed by Bendinelli - ? Agostino II
in a collection with music by Ernst Wilhelm Wolf (1732-1792) and Andreas Jakob Romberg (1767-1821)
ms Hamburg Germany

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