Bendix, Max 28.mar.1866-6.dec.1945 USA Michigan, Detroit - Illinois, Chicago
violinist, conductor, jewish, 1880 studied violin with Simon E Jacobsohn, studied in Cincinnati, New York and 1889 Berlin, 1872 moved to Cleveland, 1883-1884 concertmaster of Germania Orchestra Philadelphia, 1885-1886 concertmaster at the Metropolitan Opera New York under Van der Stucken, 1886-1896 concertmaster of the Theodore Thomas Orchestra in New York and Chicago, 1887 with brother Theodore at 2240 Fitzwater Street Philadelphia, 1887 concertmaster of the Damrosch Orchestra in New York, 1893 conductor at the Columbian Exposition World's Fair in Chicago, 1897-1899 concert tours throughout the US, 1900 organized the Bendix Quartet, 1901 established his own music school, 1904 conductor at the St Louis World's Fair, 1905 concertmaster of Wagnerian operas at the Metropolitan Opera New York, 1906 concertmaster/conductor at the Manhattan Opera, 1907 concert tour throughout the US, 1908 concert tour in Europe, 1909-1910 conductor at the Metropolitan Opera New York, 1911-1912 producer/conductor of operettas for Werba & Luescher in New York and London, 1914-1915 conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra Chicago, 1915 conductor at the San Francisco Exposition, 1916-1917 conductor with Henry W Savage, 1918-1919 conductor of the Gallo English Opera, 1920 of the Royal English Opera, 1920 of St Louis Municipal Opera, 1933 settled in Chicago, 1933 director of music at the Chicago World's Fair, member of the Lotos, Lambs, Liederkranz, Deutscher Press and Bohemian clubs in New York, 1914-1918 address The Lambs New York ; son of composer William Bendix ; brother of composer Theodore Bendix

Title Parts

[] Pavlowa. Valse caprice. Orchestra
[] Violin concerto in e
[] Tema con variazioni (Theme and variations). Cello and orchestra
[] The sisters. Ballad. Soprano and orchestra
[] Experience. Incidental music
allegorical play by G. V. Hobart

[] Pavlowa. Valse-caprice. Orchestra
[] Genius waltz
pub Brainard's Sons Co., Chicago

[] Jaa-daaa-aah!! Soloszene mit piano
pub Marcus-Berlin, Germany

[] Auf wiedersehen
pub John Church Co., Cincinnati

[] Romeo and Juliet. production Jane Cowl
[] Music for the ballet by Fokine in the play Johannes Kreisler
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