Bendix, Wilhelm (William) mar.1836-27.sep.1908 Germany Mecklenburg, Hamburg - USA Massachusetts, Arlington
professor of music, jewish, Hamburg as place of birth is probably a simplification because it is not in Mecklenburg, 11.sep.1861 emigrated to the USA Detroit, music teacher at 70 Beaubien Street, 1872 moved to Cleveland Ohio where he was music teacher and conductor of the orchestra at Euclid Avenue Opera House, 1881 conductor of the Silver Gray's Band in Cleveland, 1885-1894 music teacher and conductor of orchestras in Philadelphia and Boston, 1898 moved to Arlington where he was member of the First Baptist Church, 1898-1908 teaching and residing at 2 Park Terrace Arlington, 1902 he advertized as teacher piano, violin, clarionet, guitar, etc. and 'orchestra furnished for all occasions' (Grey's Orchestra, manager Frank H Grey), buried at Mt Pleasant Cemetery ; c1858 in Germany he married Bertha Mendelssohn (Germany Mecklenburg 1834-16.sep.1894 Philadelphia) a direct descendant of Felix Mendelssohn ; children Frieda (Germany feb.1861- / never married and residing with her father until his death), Theodore (Detroit 1862-), Max (Detroit 1866-), Lilly Gillespie (Detroit 1869-), Charles (Detroit 1872-), Oscar (Ohio, Cleveland 14.sep.1873-), Arthur Felix (Ohio, Cleveland 26.dec.1877-) ; father of the composers Theodore Bendix and Max Bendix

Title Parts

[] Silvery ripples. Schottische. Piano. op19
[] A la balerina. Valse lento. Piano
[] American dance. Piano
[] Annie waltzes. Piano
[] Aroma lancers. Piano
[] Avenue polka
[] Birthday polka
[] Bobolink polka
[] Bostonian. Quadrille. Piano
[] Bouquet. Mazurka
[] Celestine galop
[] Compliment. Waltz
[] Crystal lake. Schottische
[] The dandy. Concert polka. Cornet and piano
[] Darling polka
[] Detroit. Polka
[] Diana. Galop
[] Early dawn. Schottische
[] Enchantment. Piano
[] Eventide Varsovienne
[] Ever happy. Quadrille. Piano
[] Express. Galop
[] Fairy. Polonaise
[] Follow me. Galop
[] Gabrielle. Waltzes
[] Globe lancers. Piano
[] Gondola. Waltz
[] Hand in hand. Waltz. Piano
[] Hector. Galop
[] Hit and miss, Galop
[] Jennie York. Piano
[] Knight errant. Overture. Orch
[] Magnolia. Schottische
[] May breezes. Schottische
[] Mazeppa. Galop
[] Morning glory. Schottische
[] Neptun. Galop
[] Nymph of the wave. Schottische
[] On horseback. Galop. (American Star Journal 654). Military band
[] On the beach. Song and dance. Schottische
[] Pauline. Waltz
[] Post club quadrille
[] The rising star. Overture. Orch
[] Ristori waltz
[] Rotunda. Waltz. Orch
[] Silver bell mazurka
[] Silver stream redowa
[] Silver wave waltz
[] Skating rink quadrille
[] Skylark polka
[] Smiling morn mazurka
[] Soldier's monument polka
[] Sounds from Ireland. Medley Irish airs. Orch
[] Sparkling gem. Scottische
[] Spring flower schottische. Song with piano (Rachel Mendelssohn)
[] Spring season. Waltz
[] Sunrise. Galop
[] Sweet remembrance waltz
[] Tarantella neapolitana. Orch
[] Thoughts of home. Waltz
[] Twilight mazurka
[] Valentine polka
[] White violet polka
[] Young men's hall quadrille
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