Benedict, Margaret Ida (fem) 12.sep.1867-6.jan.1938 USA NY, New York City Manhattan - Manhattan
pianist, soprano, 12.apr.1888 appeared as pianist in a concert organized by Concordia Social Society at Sylvan Hall corner 119th Street and Second Avenue Manhattan, the next day 13.apr.1888 she appeared as visitor at Lexington Avenue Opera House Manhattan dressed in 'pink satin with a V corsage and pearl trimmings', 1889 she was a young woman according to F B Haviland when he asked her to compose a waltz for 'The Senator', 1896 still single and named Miss Benedict, 21.apr.1899 she played at the Columbia University Philharmonic Society Students Concert at Mendelssohn Hall, 1900-1905 music teacher single and residing with her parents at 148 18th Street Manhattan, 1915 music teacher at 202 West 118th Street Manhattan, 1920 music teacher at 210 West 109 Street Manhattan, 1930 single and residing with single and retired Frances B Lawless (NY 1880-) at West 109th Street Manhattan ; daughter of real estate broker Henry Whitcomb Benedict (Canada 3.jul.1847-) and Margaret Crolly (England, London 11.aug.1847-) who married 21.nov.1866 in New York City ; siblings George Henry (Manhattan 29.jun.1870-), David Beattie (Manhattan 12.jun.1878-), Mabel T (NY apr.1880-) ; she never married

Title Parts

[] The Senator waltzes. 1889
dedicated to William H. Crane, approved by his manager Joseph H. Brooks
the music was sold at the theatre where William H. Crane and Harry Braham appeared in a play "The Senator" and the waltz was played by the orchestra. Star Theatre, New York 20jan1890
the very first private music publication of F. B. Haviland, handled by Willis Woodward & Co., New York
copyrighted Ida Benedict 15mar1921
copyrighted F. B. Haviland Publishing Co. 26may1948 (orchestrated version)

[] The American Minister. Waltzes. Piano
pub Willis Woodward & Co., New York 1892

[] Niobe. Gavotte. Piano
pub Willis Woodward & Co., New York 1893

[] Dance of the milkmaids. Schottische. Piano
pub G. T. Worth & Co., London 1893

[] Sambo's wedding day. Schottische. Piano. b1894
[] The silver queen. Waltzes. Piano
pub Howley, Hairland & Co., New York 1894

[] The artists' waltzes. Piano
respectfully dedicated to Miss Charlotte Walker, dramatic soprano, New York
pub Howley, Haviland & Co., New York 1896

[] The vaudeville. March and two-step. Piano
pub Hawley, Haviland & Co., New York 1898

[] Winona waltzes
pub Howley, Haviland & Dresser, New York 1901

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