Benedict, Milo Ellsworth 9.jun.1866-17.dec.1931 USA Vermont, Cornwall - New Hampshire, Concord
concert pianist, teacher piano, received his first instruction from his mother, 1880 studied piano at Carlyle Petersilea Academy in Boston, theory with John Knowles Paine, 24.jul.1878 and 1883-1884 studied in Europe with Theodor Leschetizky in Berlin and 3 months with Liszt in Weimar, studied with Hermann Strachauer and Samuel B Whitney in America, 9.mar.1878 announced as 'boy master pianist and musical wonder' he gave a piano recital at City Hall in Burlington Vermont, 15.oct/10.nov.1879 toured Maine starting and ending at Augusta House in Augusta, 1881 concert pianist in Boston, 1891 piano teacher and living with his parents at 24 Fayette in Concord, 1893 he moved to Boston, 1895-1897 living with his parents in Concord, 1897-1931 residing at the home of his sister Helen Lorraine Remick at 2 Park Ridge in Concord, 1904-28.jun.1910 residing at the home of his father-in-law George Orland Fogg in Winchester Boston, 1904 gave recitals with his wife at the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Boston, 1909 at the Tuileries in Boston, 28.jun.1910 they gave a two-month Summer Music Classes at 22 Pleasant Street Portsmouth NH, 18.oct.1910 they drew a large audience at Association Hall Portsmouth, he was also poet, writer on music and contributor to the 'Granite Monthly' ; son of farmer Abel Jerome Benedict (Vermont 22.apr.1822-24.mar.1902 Concord) and Helen Adeline Peck (NY 18.feb.1820-) ; 3.aug.1904 in Boston he married the blind soprano and pianist Gladys Perkins Fogg (Massachusetts, Newtonville 25.mar.1881-13.jan.1930 Concord)

Title Parts

[] Six Cornwall dances. Piano. op1
pub Louis H. Ross, Boston 1885
[] 0 - Introduction in D flat
[] 1 - Allegretto non troppo in C
[] 2 - Andante in G
[] 3 - Waltz in D
[] 4 - Allegro in F
[] 5 - Scherzando in a
[] 6 - Mazurka in c
[] Polonaise no1 in D flat. Piano. op2
dedication To the Music Teacher's National Association
pub White, Smith & Co., Boston 1885

[] Polonaise no2. Piano. op3
pub White, Smith & Co., Boston 1885

[] Piano concerto in e. 1885. op4
[] Piano compositions by Milo Benedict
pub Petersilea Academy of Music, Boston 1885
[] 1 - Six Cornwall dances. op1
[] 2 - Polonaise no1. op2
[] 3 - Polonaise no2. op3
[] 4 - Concerto in e. op4
[] 5 - Pensee musical
[] 6 - Romanze
[] 7 - Gavotte
[] 8 - Album leaves I-III
[] 9 - Valse caprice (composed before 1881)
[] 10 - Valse lente
[] 11 - Etude no1
[] 12 - Etude no2
[] 13 - Dance fantastique
[] 14 - Barcarolle
[] The bold white rose. Voice and piano
words Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Tuscan Stornelli, Milo Benedict. Amherst College, Massachusetts 10jan1913

[] Love that will last
words and melody Zuella Sterling, arr Milo E. Benedict
copyright Marguerite Head, Concord NH 2apr1936

[] Little stream. Female quartet
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] By the river. Soprano and piano
Gladys Benedict, Milo Benedict, Boston 1909

[] The Peewee's song. Soprano and piano
Gladys P. Fogg, Milo E. Benedict, Boston 1909

writing: Thirty-three suggestions in one lesson. For the guidance and encouragement of those who play the piano. C. W. Thompson 1915
writing: Musical people in retrospect. The Boston Music Company 1931
writing: What music does to us. Small, Maynard & Co., Boston 1924
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