Benham, Asahel 15.dec.1754-4.oct.1803 USA Connecticut, New Hartford - New Haven Wallingford
psalmodist, teacher, had little education in early life, his noble face, fine address, good sence, intelligence, correct morals and kind heart retained respect and love of his acquaintances, went from place to place to teach in schools mainly in New England and Middle States ; son of Samuel Benham (Wallingford 9.nov.1711-10.jan.1802 New Hartford) and Phebe Andrews (Wallingford 11.sep.1716-) who married 1736

[Metcalf 1925 gives correctly died at the age of 48, but incorrectly 1757-1805]

Title Parts

[] Federal harmony, containing the rudiments of psalmody, together with a collection of church music. Hymn tune book. New Haven 1790, second edition 1792, fifth edition Middletown 1794, sixth edition Moses H. Woodward, Middletown 1795
with tunes compiled by Benham and tunes composed by Benham
printed and sold by Abel Morse
the sixth edition contained tunes by Daniel Read, Justin Morgan, Oliver Brownson, Timothy Swan and Lewis Edson

[] Social harmony, containing first the rudiments of psalmody made easy, second a collection of modern music. Hymn tune book. Wallingford 1798
with tunes compiled by Benham and tunes composed by Benham

[] Hymn tune Joyful sound
attr to Asahel Benham. 1790

[] Hymn for Wallingford
first hymn and tune of the first edition of Federal harmony 1790

[] Hark! from the tombs, a doleful sound. 3vv Choir
sung to the hymn tune Attention composed by Asahel Benham
hymn tune from Federal harmony, New Haven 1790
Norumbega Harmony / Stephen Marini. CD Sweet Seraphic Fire. New England singing school music. New World Records 80640

[] Redemption. 4vv Choir
hymn tune from Social harmony 1798
Early Music New York / Frederick Renz. Ex Cathedra Records

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