Benjamin, Jonathan 17??-18?? USA Connecticut, Hartford - ?, ?
psalmodist, [1790 resident in East Hartford] ; most likely no.4 from Bicha

according the Benjamin Family genealogy of Gloria Wall Bicha he must be one of the following:
[1: Benjamin, Jonathan (bap East Hartford 28.aug.1736-) ; son of Caleb Benjamin (Hartford 15.jul.1710-) and Dorothy Gaines (married East Hartford 25.oct.1733)]
[2: Benjamin, Jonathan (East Hartford c1737-5.aug.1800 Hartford) ; son of Gideon Benjamin (Hartford c1712-a1762) and Amy Spencer (bap East Hartford 6.aug.1717-) (married East Hartford 6.apr.1736) ; Bicha gives erroneously married Mary Woodbridge (East Hartford 24.aug.1755-21.feb.1836)]
[3: Benjamin, Jonathan (bap Hartford 26.nov.1749-c1791) ; son of David Benjamin (Hartford c1716-aug.1749 Hartford) and Ruth Burnham (married Hartford may.1741) ; married Mary of Hartford (24.aug.1755-sep.1829 Hartford)]
[4: Benjamin, Jonathan (East Hartford 1754 bap.6.apr.1755-) ; son of Gideon Benjamin (East Hartford 1739-) ; grandson of Gideon Benjamin (c1712-a1762) and Amy Spencer (6.aug.1717-) ; Bicha gives erroneously marriage unknown but actually this Benjamin married Mary Woodbridge (East Hartford 24.aug.1755-21.feb.1836)]
[5: Benjamin, Jonathan (c1764-jul.1810 Connecticut) ; in Charles R Hale Collection of Connecticut Newspaper Obits]

Title Parts

[] Harmonia coelestis. A collection of church music, in two, three, and four parts. With words adapted to each, comprehending not only the metres in common use, but the particular metres, in the Hartford collection of hymns... the tunes correctly figured for the organ and harpsichord... with an inttoduction (!) to music. Chiefly collected from the greatest masters in Europe, and never before printed in America
printed typographically by Andrew Wright, Northampton Massachusetts for Oliver D. and I. Cooke, booksellers, Hartford 1799

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