Benkert, Georg (George) 14.apr.1864-5.jul.1934 Germany Hessen Cassel, Elgershausen - USA Pennsylvania, West Donegal near Lancaster
pianist, organist, choirmaster, professor of music, 1880 studied under his father and grandfather at Homberg Seminary, graduated in organ and piano with Wilhelm Volckmar and choral training with Gustav Zanger from Homberg Seminary, 17.aug.1883 emigrated to the USA, 1883-1896 organist/choirmaster of the Zion's Lutheran church in Lancaster, 1888-1900 teacher piano, organ and violin at his home 147 East King Street, 6.oct.1888 naturalized American, 1896-1913 organist/choirmaster of the First Presbyterian church in Lancaster, 1910-1931 studio and residing at 26 North Lime Street Lancaster, his school of music was at 147 East King Street, organized the choral Mendelssohn Society, he brought the pianists Martinus Sieveking and Adele aus der Ohe to Lancaster ; son of organist and music teacher Wilhelm Benkert (Germany, Carlshafen) and Matilda Moeller (Germany, Kirchberg) ; 10.sep.1890 he married Clara Anna Riske (Lancaster oct.1871-) by 1907 they were divorced ; by 1920 he was married to pianist/organist/music teacher Lillian G Sensenig (Lancaster 6.sep.1874-3.mar.1950 West Donegal)

Title Parts

[] Ordinary mass
attributed to the Anglo-American composer George Benkert, but probably referencing to the mass by the (non Anglo) American composer George Felix Benkert

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