Bennett, Charles Wilkes 14.aug.1838-18.jul.1926 USA Michigan, Rollin - Coldwater
June 1845 moved to Butler Branch County Michigan, 15.aug.1861-10.jan.1866 enlisted in the 9th Infantry company G from Branch County, 17.jan.1863 as 2nd lieutenant, 26.oct.1863 as captain in the US colored troops, 2.dec.1865 as brevet major, in battles Murfreesboro, Stone River, Chickamauga, Nashville etc., 1866 settled as grocer and druggist in Quincy Branch County, 1870 started his publishing firm in Quincy, since December 1872 he published the monthly 'Literary Reporter', by 1879 his 'Excelsior Club List' had 500 papers and magazines, 1000 agents and 20000 patrons in every State of North America, 9.aug.1876 organized the Quincy Centennial Cornet Band, 1893 moved to Coldwater Branch County where he lived until death, 1904 retired and sold the publishing business ; son of farmer Hiram Harrison Bennett (NY, Schenectady 10.aug.1815-15.oct.1897 Coldwater) and Caroline Angelina Holmes (NY, Batavia 4.mar.1813-16.apr.1890 Quincy) ; 8.apr.1868 in Quincy he married Minerva 'Minnie' Jane Sheldon (Ohio 25.sep.1842-22.jul.1906 Coldwater)

Title Parts

[] Boquet of sacred song. Vocal quartet
pub C. W. Bennett, Quincy Michigan oct1878
[] 1 - Jesus savior, hear my cry
[] 2 - Far over the sea. words Ida Scott Taylor
[] 3 - Father, take my hand
[] Home sick. Vocal quartet
words James T. Fields
pub C. W. Bennett, Quincy Michigan 1878

[] The sailor's child. Song and chorus or vocal quartet
pub C. W. Bennett, Quincy Michigan 1878

[] Prohibition. Vocal quartet
words and music C. W. Bennett
dedication Hon. Neal Dow father and defender and Hon. John St John advocate and enforcer
pub C. W. Bennett, Quincy Michigan 1882

[] Glory be to God in the highest
pub John Church, John & Co., Cincinnati 1885

[] Farewell
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