Bennett, Elsie Margaret Blum (fem) 30.mar.1919-1.sep.2005 USA Michigan, Detroit - NY, Brooklyn
accordionist, jewish, 1936 graduated from Central High School Detroit, 1941 diploma piano from Ganapol School of Music Detroit, 1945 BM in theory from Wayne University Detroit, 1946 MA in music education from Columbia University New York City, 1930-1936 studied piano with Ethel Mendelson, 1940-1941 with Mrs. Ganapol, 1943-1944 with Mischa Kottler, 1933-1938 accordion with George Cailotta, 1940-1941 composition with Bernard Heiden, 1945 composition with Otto Luening and accordion with Joe Biviano in New York, 1936-1940 maintained accordion studio and 1941-1945 theory studio in Detroit, September 1947-2005 director of the Bennett Accordion Studios in Brooklyn, member Accordion Teachers Guild, 1953-2004 chairman American Accordionists Association ; daughter of stock buyer Simon 'Sy' Blum (Russia Poltava, Kremenchug 8.may.1896-) and Ida S Carp (Russia 1903-) ; 20.jun.1937 she married Morton M Bennett (18.apr.1917-dec.1966 Brooklyn)

Title Parts

[] Theme and variations. Piano
as graduation project from Wayne University Detroit 1945

[] Easy solos. Accordion
pub Amsco Music Co. 1947

[] American home album. Accordion
pub Amsco Music Co. 1948

[] Bass solo primer. Accordion
pub O. Pagini 1949

[] Hanon. Accordion
[] Let us be happy (Hava nagila. Zum gali gali. Lomir zich ibberbetten). Yiddish song
arr for accordion Elsie M. Bennett
pub Pietro Deiro Publications, New York 1951

[] Hebrew and Jewish songs and dances. Accordion
pub Accordion Music Pub. Co., New York 1954

[] Hebrew and Jewish songs and dances. Piano
pub Pietro Deiro Publications, New York 1954

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