Bennett, Frederick James Wentworth 21.may.1856-25.jun.1908 England Somerset, Cadbury - Bournemouth
flutist, studied at the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music, also studied flute privately with Alfred Paul Vivian and Richard Shepherd Rockstro, 1895 Licentiate Royal Academy of Music (LRAM), performed in London and the provinces, 1883-1890 conductor of the Castle Cary Choral Society, 1887-1890 of the Cadbury Musical Society, 1895 appointed professor of flute at the Brighton School of Music, author of a brochure on 'Conducting and being Conducted' (1889) and on 'Solo Flute-playing', contributed articles to the Musical Times and other papers

Title Parts

[] Dr. Whack'um. Operetta. 1880
[] King Richard I. Operetta. 1883
[] King Arthur. Operetta. 1884
[] Eurydice. Cantata. 1884
[] Symphony in C. Orchestra. 1885
[] The king's foresters. Operetta. 1886
[] Flute concerto in e. 1887
[] The black eagle. Operetta. 1888
[] Anno Domini. Sacred cantata. 1888
[] Mass in c. 1888
[] Rustic idyll. Orchestra. 1893
[] Sonata. Piano
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