Bennett, Henry Robert [Roberts] c1807-1861 England, Chichester - ?London
organist, chorister at Magdalen College Chapel in Oxford, studied with his father, 6.jul.1848-1860 organist of Chichester Cathedral, 1851 residing at South Pallant Street in Chichester, 1861 organist of St Andrew's Church Wells Street in London ; son of Thomas ; brother of Alfred William

Title Parts

[] Like as the hart. Anthem
[] O God the strength. Anthem
[] The Lyme Regis psalmody. Being a collection of psalms and hymns, in use in Lyme Church
pub D'Almaine & Co., London 1850
comprising many original compositions as well as airs selected from the works of Handel, Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, Weber, Cherubini, Spohr, &c. by the Rev. Frederic Parry Hodges, D.C.L., the whole adapted for the organ or piano forte, by Henry Bennett, Junior, Organist
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