Bennett, Thomas 'Tom' Archibald jr. 11.jul.1906-a1970 USA NY Staten Island Richmond, New Brighton - ?Michigan, Detroit
conductor, started young with his own dance band, 1910 residing at 39 Hawthorne Avenue in Akron Ohio, 1915 at 8506 12th Avenue in Brooklyn Kings New York, 1920-1922 again in Akron Ohio now at 94 Kuder Avenue, 1930-1935 as interior decorator still single with his parents at 27 Washington Square in Manhattan, 17.jan.1936 he returned with his wife from Bermuda, 1936 residing at 82 West 12th Street in New York Manhattan, 1940-1946 staff arranger and musical director for NBC radio, 1946 wrote the article 'Arranging Music for Radio' for Gilbert Chase's book 'Music in Radio Broadcasting' in which he credits Ferde Grofe as great innovator in the history of orchestration, founded the Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street, program manager of Pittsburgh Radio Station KDKA and for 5 years with the Fred Waring radio production staff, 1959-1963 writing incidental and background music for dramatic plays as musical director of the Radio Program Production of the University of Detroit Michigan, 29.may.1971 he was last seen in Detroit ; son of engineer/sales manager Thomas Archibald Bennett sr. (Staten Island, New Brighton 4.sep.1874-24.apr.1943 Manhattan Washington Square) and Grace Whittemore (Staten Island, Richmond Castleton 4.may.1871-4.may.1956 NY, Candor) ; 11.jan.1936 he married Margaret O'Reilly (NJ, Orange 5.feb.1904-)

Title Parts

[] Subway. Sketch. Orchestra
music Ozzie (Oswald G.) Nelson and Tom Bennett
pub Luz Bros. Music, New York City 1937
copyright renewal Luz Bros. Music, New York City 7jun1965

[] Oil Can, and Does. Documentary film score. 1940
[] First stop to heaven. Incidental music for the play
words Norman Rosten
Star-Spangled Theatre 12jan1941

[] The song from Moulin Rouge. Where is your heart
music Georges Auric and William Engvick, arr for brass band Tom Bennett
pub Broadcast Music Inc. 1953

[] What so proudly we hail. Film score produced for General Motors. 1940
scriptwriter Owen Murphy
producer Harold Wondsel, Soundmasters

[] Petroleum picture at the New York World's Fair. Documentary film score. 1940
music and production with NBC conductor Norman Cloutier

[] Ford Ballet at the New York World's Fair. Documentary film score. 1940
music and production with NBC conductor Norman Cloutier

[] Thousand time neigh
words Edward Mabley
pub Ford Motor Co., Dearborn Michigan 1940

[] Mrs. Cinderella. Musical play
words Edward Mabley
pub General Electric Co., Schenectady NY 1940

[] Erbert and the pirate
copyright Radio Corporation of America, RCA
pub Victor Division, Camden New Jersey 1947

[] Symphony
dedicated to President Franklin D. Roosevelt
music based on this symphony was used in the NBC radio speeches of Roosevelt during WWII. The orchestra was directed by Norman Cloutier and an album was produced by program manager Herbert H. Wood

[] Othello. Incidental music for the play
words William Shakespeare
performed by Paul Robeson (1898-1976)

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