Bennison, T T 17??-18?? England, ? - ?, ?
1802-1810 music publisher in London, he collaborated with Michael Kelly (1762-1826), 1887-1808 tenor at Drury Lane, 1793-1823 stage manager of the King's Theatre and 1801-1811 music publisher in London

Title Parts

[] The village coquette or Monsieur prenez garde. A new song
written by P. Phillips
pub London 1802

[] From the mast head. A new ballad. Voice and piano
pub Printed by Michael Kelly, London 1802

[] A grotesque air with variations for the piano forte
pub T. T. Bennison, printed & published at his Musical Repository, London 1810

[] La retour de Wicklow. Aria pastorale, pas seul and waltz. Harp or piano
composed and dedicated to Miss Stowell by T. Bennison
pub Maurice Hime, Liverpool 1810
pub J. A. & W. Geib, New York 1820

[] Romance et valse pour le pianoforte
pub Chelsea c1810

[] His sparkling eyes are black as jet. A favorite air from the opera of Blue Beard, arranged as a rondo by T. T. Bennison
(Blue Beard by Michael Kelly, Drury Lane, London 16jan1798)
pub Michael Kelly, London 1801/1811

[] A collection of original country dances. Piano
pub Michael Kelly, London 1801/1811

[] The celebrated waltz, pas de trois, danced in the Patriot or the Hermit of Saxellen
pub J. Power, London and William Power, Dublin 1815

[] Trip to the cottage. A rondo for the piano forte or harp
pub J. Willson, New York 1816/1820

[] Russian rondo. Piano
pub J. Power, London and W. Power, Dublin 1830

[] Six Waltzes, for the harp or piano forte, etc.
pub John Balls, London 1830

[] The storm was hush'd
as sung by Miss Dixon of the Theatre Royal Covent Garden
pub E. Riley, London ?1850

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