Benoni, Julius 17.dec.1832-a1870 Czechoslovakia, Strelske Hostice - ?, ?
pianist, child prodigy, countess Amalie Taaffe let him study with Simon Sechter, Eduard Preyer and Gaetano Donizetti in Vienna, 1843 he played for Kaiser Ferdinand, 1855 after the failure of his third opera he gave up musik and studied economics in Dub Bohemia and became economist

Title Parts

[] Ave regina coelorum
gained him membership of the society Musikfreunde Wien

[] Die wunderblume. Opera. Graf Taaffe, Vienna 23mar1847
libretto Karl Tausenus

[] Emma (Il protettore invisibile). Opera. Karntnertor Theater, Vienna 24jun1851
libretto Merelli

[] Giovanni da Ponte. Opera. Prague 10feb1855
libretto Otto Prechtler

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