Oulman Bensaude, Jeanne 'Jane' Gabrielle Leonie (fem) 8.jun.1863-1.may.1938 France, Paris Neuilly-sur-Seine - Portugal, Ponta Delgada
poet, writer, jewish, born at 37 Boulevard (now Avenue) de Madrid in Neuilly-sur-Seine, studied singing at the school of Matilde Marchesi, theater and singing played a crucial role in her formation but a career as actress or singer was unthinkable in her bourgeois class family, studied in Versailles where she met her husband, she became writer of books for children and educational books for the youth while music always played an important role in her private life, 1888 she settled with her husband in Lisbon, later they also lived in and retired to Ponta Delgada, 1913-1921 she wrote her 'Memoires' in Lisbon ; daugther of Emile Oulman (Paris 12.apr.1812-31.dec.1775 Paris) and Simonette Cohen (Germany, Frankfurt 12.sep.1820-2.may.1888 Paris) ; 29.jul.1888 in Paris she married engineer/mineralogist/scientist Dr. Alfredo Ezra Bensaude (Ponta Delgada 13.mar.1856-2.jan.1941 Ponta Delgada) ; daughter biologist/scientist Dr. Matilde Bensaude (1890-1969)

Title Parts

[] Gentil Mignon. Children's opera. Paris 1895
par Jane Bensaude, musique tiree des Airs populaires de France, harmonises par M. Guilherme Ribeiro, les choeurs de "La Chasse" et des "Nains de la Montagne" sont tires, avec l'aimable autorisation de l'auteur, de l'album des "Rondes Enfantines" de Jacques Dalcroze
dedication: Dedie a ma charmante Gentil Mignon Mademoiselle Carmencita Morales
libretto Charles Delagrave
9th and 10th air published in Saint-Nicolas, journal illustre pour garcons et filles 11oct1906
complete published by Librairie Charles Delagrave, Paris 1907
[] - Neuvieme air. Choeur des Kobolds
[] - Dixieme air. Quatre couplets
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