Bent, George Payne 16.jun.1854-25.oct.1930 USA Illinois, Dundee - California, Los Angeles
piano maker, educated at public schools in Iowa, studied at Wheaton College Illinois, 1870 moved to Chicago and worked at the business of sewing machine maker David C Cook, after the Chicago fire of 1871 he taught in the commercial department at Wheaton College, 1872 again employed by David C Cook and 1878 he bought out the sewing machine business, 1880 started manufacturing the Crown pianos and organs, 1904 president of the National Piano Manufacturers Association, 1905 the piano factory was at 245 Washington Boulevard Chicago and he resided at 5139 Washington Avenue, 1920 he had moved to Los Angeles, 1926 the main plant was at Louisville Kentucky ; son of reverend George Bent (Vermont, Middlebury 29.mar.1827-25.may.1914 Chicago) and Mary Priscilla Payne (Vermont, Bridport 11.jan.1825-17.aug.1898 Nebraska, Hazard) ; 26.apr.1876 in Burr Oak Iowa he married Clara Ames Wingate (Canada, Hemmingford 24.jul.1857-3.sep.1944 Illinois, Winnetka)

Title Parts

[] A new and progressive method for the reed organ, containing a superb collection of new organ pieces, songs, ballads, selections from the new operas, and gems of music from all sources, written and arranged for this work. A complete elementary course of instructions, comprising the best methods of the best masters
pub G. P. Bent and S. Brainard's Sons, Chicago 1883

[] Bent's new and improved method for the reed organ. c1885
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