Bentall, Edwin George 13.may.1847-9.may.1914 England Berkshire, Newbury - Somerset, Weston-super-Mare
organist, 1871 in Ventnor Isle of Wight, 1880 organist in Speen near Newbury, 1883-1914 organist of Weston-super-Mare Parish Church and teacher of music, 1885 his father left him a considerable fortune, at time of death residing at Fairfield in the Shrubbery in Weston-super-Mare ; son of gentleman draper Samuel Bentall (Essex, Felton 1816-9.dec.1885 Speen) and Ann Durrington (Newbury 1812-29.jan.1880 Speen) ; 21.apr.1885 in Weston-super-Mare he married Edith Margaret Cross (Weston-super-Mare 1860-)

Title Parts

[] Festival march. Organ. 1884
composer name erroneously given as Edward George Bentall

[] Voice Exercises for Boys, being an appendix to practical suggestions for training boys' voices
pub Office of "The Organist", London 1894

[] Benedicite omnia opera
pub Vincent Music Co., London 1906

[] Te Deum laudamus
pub Vincent Music Co., London 1907

[] Our country, church and king. Song
words and music E. G. Bentall
pub Vincent Music Co., London 1908

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