Benter, Charles W 29.apr.1887-2.dec.1964 USA NY, New York - Washington DC
bandmaster, 1905 musican of US Navy Bands on the USS Rhode Island, USS Mississippi and USS Connecticut, DM from Columbia University in New York City, 1919 organized the Navy Band in Washington DC and bandmaster until retirement in 1942, first to attain Navy officer rank in music, 1925 appointed lieutenant, founder and officer in charge of the Navy School of Music, 1943-1962 bandmaster of the Metropolitan Police Department Band in Washinghton DC, buried at Arlington National Cemetery Virginia ; son of Sigismund Benter (Austria) and Sarah Hudes (Austria apr.1871-) ; 1914 he married Anna Mathilda Waters (Philadelphia 19.feb.1889-31.aug.1983 Maryland, Bethesda)

Title Parts

[] Lure of Alaska. March. Military band
[] Washington Times. March. Military band
[] All hands. March. Military band
[] Irresistible. March. Military band
[] Major Denby. March. Military band
[] Light cruisers. March. Military band
[] Shenandoah National Park. March. Military band
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