Bentley, John 1754-10.nov.1813 England, ? - Canada, Quebec City
organist, harpsichordist, choirmaster, until c1781 residing in London, then moved to the USA, 1783-1785 founded the City Concerts in Philadelphia, 1785 harpsichordist and conductor of the Lewis Hallam company in New York, 1786 conductor of the Allen & Moore opera company performing in Montreal and 21.jul.1786 in Quebec City, 1787 he settled in Quebec City, 1801 organist/choirmaster of the Church of England in Quebec City, 1804-1813 of the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, 1810-1813 also of Notre Dame Cathedral, he was also High Constable and Road Surveyor for the district of Quebec, his personal life was full of drama: 1786 his first wife Catherine died on giving birth to a son, 1790 his second wife died on giving birth to their first child, 1791 his house was destroyed by fire, 1809 his third wife died leaving him with the care of 6 children aged 1-8, he died aged 59 and was buried 11.nov1813 at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity ; b1785 he married actress Catherine (d. oct.1786 Quebec City) ; 11.jan.1789 in Quebec City he married Mary Colley Gill (1757-feb.1790 Quebec City) ; 21.dec.1799 at St Andrews Church in Quebec City he married Deborah McKay (Quebec City 1770-1809 Quebec City) ; 2.nov.1811 in Quebec City he married Margaret Hutton (1783-)

Title Parts

[] The cave of enchantment or The Stockwell wonder. Pantomime. New York 16oct1785
[] The enchanters or The triumph of Genius. Montreal 12may1786
[] The Touchstone. Pantomime. New York 1795
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