Bentley, John Morgan 3.sep.1835-6.aug.1924 England, Manchester Salford - London Brixton
organist, 14.oct.1835 baptized in the Parish Church St Mary, St Denys and St George of Manchester, 1855 organist of St Philip's in Manchester Salford, 1858-1861 schoolmaster in Manchester Gorton, 1860 organist of St Stephen's in Manchester, 1866 of St Saviour's in Manchester, 1868 of Bowdon Parish Chuch Cheshire, 1870 established the Academy of Music in Manchester St Ann's, 1877 organist of Cheadle Abbey Church, 6.dec.1875 admitted, 1877 BM and 1879 DM from Downing College Cambridge University, 1881 examiner for the Royal Academy of Music, successively conductor of St Philip's Choral Society, St Stephen's Choral Society, St Saviour's Choral Society, Lea Choral Society, Bowdon Musical Society, St Cecilia Musical Society of Winsford, St Cecilia Musical Society of Blackburn, Eccles Choral Society in Manchester, Cheadle Choral Society, 1881 Provincial Grand Organist of East Lancashire residing in Stockport Cheshire, 1891 as doctor of music residing at Prior's Wood Hall (grade II historical building) in Dalton Lancashire, 1901 organist and professor of music at his daughter's home 2 Nunhead Crescent in London Peckham, 1911 still active as composer and examiner for Victoria College of Music in London lodging as tenant at St Barnabas Institute Townley Road in London East Dulwich, he died at his home 44 Wiltshire Road ; son of printer John Bentley (1804-) and Ann 'Nancy' (Salford 1805-) ; 3.may.1858 at St Mary in Manchester he married Maria Poulton (Bristol 2.oct.1836-8.apr.1891 Dalton)

[Brown 1886 gives erroneously born 1837]

Title Parts
[] Psalter pointed and Psalter chants
pub Heywood, Manchester 1864

[] Golden, white and crimson tipped. Roundelay. 2 Voices. 1873
words T. Le Resche

[] The man who is kind to another. Song. 1875
words Richard Rome Bealey

[] Yuletyde. Yule-Tyde, or ye merrie and anciente Englyshe pastyme of Crystmasse Eve. Ye wordes by Sir W. Scott. Cantata for mixed voices
pub Hutchings & Romer, London 1876

[] The little drummer. March. Piano
pub Robert Jackson & Co., London 1876

[] Gethsemane. Dramatic cantata. 1877
Mus. Bac. Exercise

[] What is life. Oratorio. 1879
Mus. Doc. Exercise

[] The golden butterfly. Cantata for female voices
pub Hutchings & Romer, London 1880

[] Remember not, Lord. Anthem. Alto and choir. 1899
[] Symphony for full orchestra. b1886
in ms only

[] Horae Sacrae, a series of sacred pieces for violin and piano. b1886
[] The Two Violinists, a series of duets for violins with pianoforte accompaniment. b1886 [] 1 - The Boatie Rows
[] 2 - The hunt is up
[] 3 - Elizabethan Morris dance
[] 4 - Canzona napolitane
[] Vesper canticles
pub Novello & Co., London b1886

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